Design Team

Professional design team, experienced in the design of door mats for more than 10 years. Good at different styles, through the design, material, multi-functional and creative design, production processes, combined quality with practicality, to create a variety of styles, also customized designs are available.
We have expanded our design team and now have a professional design team dedicated to developing new mat and doormat designs to meet the needs of different customers.We have different new products for customers to choose from every quarter.And we have been expanding our production equipment and capacity, we have added a lot of large machines to meet different products.We can develop our own carpet pattern design, unique, novel, loved by our customers.In recent years, we also invested in large printing machines, we can develop their own patterns, our own printing, our own production, one-stop to meet customer needs.Strong design team, has a lot of their own patent registration.As long as you have ideas, we can make products to meet your requirements.Give your ideas to our designers to create your own design.As long as you give us a sketch or an idea, our designer will draw a 3D picture for confirmation, so that you can fully understand whether the product is worth opening the mold, or you can find the missing details of the product, so as to further modify, and finally design the product that you are satisfied with.
Every year, our designers go to various exhibitions to enrich their product design, and also refer to exhibitions of other products to find inspiration that can be combined with our products.Every year our new models will be strongly affirmed by customers, and by peers to imitate, we have been imitated, never beyond.We are also not afraid of being imitated, because we will have better designs next time.

Post time: 13-09-21