130th Canton fair

The Canton Fair for the first time in three consecutive cloud held after the resumption of offline held, the first time to promote domestic and international double cycle as the theme, the first online and offline integration held for the first time, the first time to hold the national Pearl River International Trade Forum.
The 130th Canton Fair will be held online and offline simultaneously for five days, with 51 exhibition areas for 16 categories of products.Among them, the offline exhibition area is about 400,000 square meters, with brand enterprises as the main exhibitors, focusing on creating brand quality exhibition, promoting the domestic and international double cycle;The online exhibition will maintain the original 60,000 booths and continue to provide an online trade cooperation and exchange platform for 26,000 enterprises and global buyers.The Canton Fair, which is in its 130th year, will host the opening ceremony and the first Pearl River International Trade Forum.At present, under the unified leadership of the Canton Fair Organizing Committee, the fair’s exhibition organization, conference and forum, epidemic prevention and control, service guarantee, news and publicity work is progressing smoothly.
We will attend this Canton fair, and we will have 2 different booths for car mat and door mat as usual. Our car mat still have 4booths and the booth number is 8.2U17-18,V01-02, and our door mat have 2 booths and the booth number is 16.4B28-29. We will always here wait for your come.
As now all the orders come to China production, we will try our best get the chance and make our quality stand out. And because now all the raw material price is keep increasing, we will develop and show some economy items to maintain the market. Of course this time we will show some new items and designs which may track you. Come in full of hope, come back full of hope.


Post time: 28-09-21